Shabby Miss Jenn

November 4, 2008

"Failing Miserably"

It is not as bad as it sounds. My dear friend Kari has a post on her blog about this very subject. I left a huge comment on her post and after reading it I deceided to post on my own blog about this very subject. I have copy and pasted my comment from Karis in read. As a mom the preasures of life just become so much to handle. michael and I have been married for 20 years and for the first 18 I seem to have held it together ok, don't get me wrong I am not saying life was just all clouds and butterflies, but it was easy for me to handle anything thrown at me. Well the past two years have been a complete change from our norm. This is the comment I left on Karis Blog "Running in Place"

You are always asking me how I am doing well "failing Miserably. For two years it seems as though every reponsibility I have and CHERISH has been put on the back burnner! My hats read (in no particular order) Mom, wife, cook, maid, vet,friend, secretary, team mom, receptionist, office manager, banker, artist, well you get the idea. What I have learned is that we all fail miserable at some time or another some by bits and some in chuncks. What we need to look at well what I look at is. Are my kids and hubby happy and I can say without a doubt YES. We all have down times but at the end of every single day each of my 5 boys(at home) still hug an kiss their mom with an I love you before bed! At that moment in time every night I realize 'I have achieved amazingly'!

I have a challenge, I want to hear how you are "ACHIEVIEING AMAZINGLY" !