Shabby Miss Jenn

August 31, 2008

Hanna Stamps 1 year Anniversary!

Our 1 year anniversary will be on Oct 5th. To celebrate this great event we are having a 1 month long contest. Starting Sept 1st through and including Oct 1st until midnight, you will have a chance to win a Copic Air Compressor, or a $200 shopping spread in the Hanna Stamps store.
For every $50 you spend, your name will go into a drawing to win one of these gifts. During our release party on Thursday night Oct 2nd, we will video tape Hanna picking the winning name out of a jar. The lucky winner will then get to choose their prize! We are also going to have weekly give a aways during the entire month of September, so stay tuned for these great prize give a aways!

August 19, 2008

I can't SLEEP! AGAIN :(

Okay as you can see it is 2:37 AM yes that is AM and I am wide awake! I have been on the go since 6am and can not fall asleep. I have tried so now I am just gonna chat a bit and get caught up, so here goes... School AND, HS Swim AND Football have started their third week in our home, all is well with both.
Jesse is in AP and Honors classes and loving every minute of having a drivers license. I breaks my heart that we can not reward him with a vehicle, he soooo deserves it!! We are working on it though! He is participating in a program called OKOM, They help incoming freshman learn their way around campus and such. Juniors and Seniors are chosen based on recommendations from teachers and coaches along with the applications that the students interested have to complete. He attended several meetings through out the summer along with starting school a day earlier to help out the freshman. Now that is dedication! Jesse has also started his third season of swim team, he is loving it! Meets start in September, I love watching him! He improves on his time with every meet! Jesse is one of two boys that compete in the 500 meter Freestyle... YES I said 500 meter, I can't even swim the length of our pool in the backyard.
Colbey is the big man on campus this year. He also participates in the Honors program, and as an 8th grader he will be in Project Inquiry, a program for gifted students! He is loving the cell phone he got for his Birthday, The GIRLS Love it too, yes I said girls. Anyone know a quick way to get them to stop calling MY son? Like I said it is week 3 of 5 day a week practices for football, this is his last year to play Pop Warner, He started 6 years ago in flag. Colbey has always put 100% effort in ALL he does and it looks as if he will get to play HIS dream positions this year, Full Back and Linebacker!! Colbey Lives, eats. sleeps and breaths Football and it shows when he is on the field. he is sometimes referred to as Little coach because of his ability to for see what the other team is going to do and adapt himself and his team mates to it. Michael is an Assistant Coach for his team this year as it is his last opportunity to coach Colbey.
Cameron is still so excited to be in Middle School! He is working so hard and is making sure he is prepared and on top of all he needs to do for school and homework! It is so hard for me to see my sweet Cameron go to school with the "Big Kids" I guess I need to remember he is one of those Big Kids now! He still gets in bed and snuggles with us for a few minutes every night, he is just the type of child every parent should have the privilege to raise!! Cameron is also doing Football, this is his 4th year. He is on an incredibly disciplined team with an amazing coach, so when His coach approached me after practice one day last week and said "Cameron is a very talented athlete" I was just so happy that a coach finally recognized the hard work, dedication and talent Cameron has created in himself. He will be the starting Center, I know he is so skinny, But he is so strong and soooo NOT afraid and very knowledgeable of the game and what each positions responsibilities are. He will also be playing defense which he LOVES! He loves getting on the line and the other team sees his size and thinks they have it made then the ball is snapped and Cameron flattens them, It is pretty awesome that so much strength is housed in such a small body!
Cooper has started his school year wonderfully. He is so compassionate and loving! He sees the strengths in everyone he meets! He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is doing such a great job being "in charge" of Jager this year! Cooper is in his fourth year of football, he had two years of flag and this is his 2nd year of tackle. We have always been worried how he would handle the hitting part of Football, as he is our thespian of the family. He loves acting and performing and is a little bit sensitive sometimes, so when he said he wanted to play football we were not sure how it would go. We definitely did NOT need to worry, when he puts that helmet on and hits the field he IS a FOOTBALL PLAYER!!! He like his older brothers LOVE the game and strive to learn and improve everyday! Plus he looks so dang cute in that uniform!!
Jager oh Jager...What can I say he is my baby! He is working so hard to stay on green and doing such a great job. He is a bit slow going in the morning so it takes a bit of bribery to get him up, teeth brushed, dressed and out the door to the bus but he has done it. Jager is in his 2nd year of Flag football and loves it! He is so cute at practice. So many kids are forced to get out there by their parents, everyone can see the absolute pure joy that is on Jagers face everyday! He runs past Michael during warm-ups and waves and says"Hi Dad!" and keeps going. He just LOVES it!!
Practices calm down a bit next week so things will calm down a bit at home also. Well it is now 3:41AM Yes AM and I think I may be caught up. I have a couple cards to post so check back soon...the game will go on!!!!

August 8, 2008

Hanna Stamps Friday Challenge

For todays Friday challenge over at the Hanna Stamps forum on SCS Amanda Sewell cready a great sketch challenge. You can check it out HERE on Splitcoaststampers. For my card I used my favorite Riley, Football Rilley. My boys have started football season so in honor of Football preconditioning I created this little MooserStar card. You can find all the details in My Gallery on SCS.

The most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!

Yes it is finally here, the first day of school 2008! Like so many other Moms and Dads we have been waiting for this day to come for 2 months. Our boys are so active that even with Swim team they still get bored and get on each others nerves...I can not believe my babies are getting so old! Jesse is a Junior this year, Colbey is in the 8th grade, Cameron has moved up to the Middle school for 6th grade, Cooper is in the 3rd grade and the baby Jager is starting 1st grade. Along with our annual first day of school pictures I added a picture of the youngest 4 with their swim team final awards...