Shabby Miss Jenn

June 11, 2010

Don't you want to be "In Style"...

Well not in the "click" sort of way but when it comes to stamping you will want to be "In Style"! Ok enough already, as I posted a while ago I am on the newest Promotional team for "In Style Stamps". They have the best selection and varitey of styles. Oh and if you love to color you will be in HEAVEN!! I have quite a bit to post so if you have any questions about any of the Copic colors or papers I used drop me a line! Plus check out the IN STYLE STAMPS website...

"Surfer Dude"

"Dance School"                  
"Baby Umbrella Dots"

Check back for more In Style Stamps samples I have 11 more! That's what I said 11!!

1 comment:

Janelle said...

Woohoo! Bring on those 11 more beauties! So glad to finally see all these fabulous cards!