Shabby Miss Jenn

October 1, 2008

Finally.... what Jager said on Sunday when he pulled his first loose tooth out, after trying all day! Once the tooth was out he gave it to me for safe keeping, well he probably won't ask me to do that again, I lost it. He was over it pretty quick, we wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy telling her what had happened. She must have liked the note because she left him a whole dollar! But wait there's more...the tooth next door must have felt lonely because after a bit of wiggling it was very close to falling out. Jager worked on the little guy all day at school and shortly after getting home on Monday he was in the bathroom and it came right out! Well guess what?? Yep he dropped it and it went down the drain, poor kiddo what kinda luck is that? So we wrote another note and the sweet Tooth Fairy left another dollar!

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Kari said...

OK ... that is so hilarious!! Ashton was thrilled to lose her first tooth about a month ago and lost 3 within 2 weeks!!! We've had to leave a note for the tooth fairy before, too - Brinley swallowed one of hers!