Shabby Miss Jenn

September 21, 2008

What a face!

I took this picture of my sweet Cooper yesterday at my 11 year olds football game. I just had to post it TODAY! Isn't he just the sweetest 9 year old(more about his B-day dinner later) you have ever seen? What about those freckles, and check out that chipped front tooth? He chipped it when he bashed his face onto the frame of a friends trampoline, in addition to bighting clean thru his tounge, OUCH! We already had it fixed once but he chipped it again. I told the dentist that with Football starting maybe we should wait until Football was over. Cooper wanted to just leave it because he said, "it's cool", so he was thrilled when he was able to have his school pictures taken with his chipped tooth, every boys dream I suppose? Like I said I will have more later about his birthday dinner so stay tuned!

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Gabriela said...

Precious! I'm absolutely smitten with Riley and Sophie and thank you for the opportunity to win the blog candy. Your blog is one of my very favorites, too. I read you faithfully through Google Reader.