Shabby Miss Jenn

July 14, 2008

"We're suberb we're so great we're the class of 88'"

I can't believe I remember our class cheer. the weekend of June 28 Michael and I attended my 20 year class reunion here in Arizona at the Scottsdale Hilton. It also so happened to be our 20 year wedding Anniversary! I know you are all sick of me saying it but...I SOOOOO love my hubby! The first picture is me with Kim and Jackie Espinoza they are such a hoot exactly the way I remember them in High school! They both live near me now and Kim's Daughter (I think) goes to the same school as my boys. Then finally Michael and I with our Nearest and Dearest friends Jim and Amy!

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Kristi said...

look at how pretty you are!!!!!!!!!!! Great photo's. I just received a call from my high school...uhhhhh 25 years...YIKES....