Shabby Miss Jenn

July 17, 2008

10 & Under Individual SWIM FUN!!!!

Tuesday night was the MarWest 10 & under individual swim finals. Cooper and Jager both qualified along with our good friends Gabe and Ethan. The boys all did a great job, but I think the waiting under the tent was the best part FOR THEM! Jager and Abram are the best of buds and had way toooo much fun with the ice from the water jugs. Cute little Jane is the like the baby sister my boys never had. I am pretty sure Jager and Jane will be married one day! It was a fun night for all!


Madame Butterflyy said...

love your blog did you design it yourself???

Patti said...

I purchased the blog kit from Shabby Miss and I have a dear friend you has helped me out. I am slowly learning how to edit in HTML...Thank you!