Shabby Miss Jenn

April 2, 2008

My Studio!!!!!

These are pictures of my new Studio. The tables, orange rolling cart, Book case, hanging racks and storage boxes all came from IKEA. I love my space so very much, I never want to leave. Now I know how the kiddos feel when it is time to leave the Play Place at McDonalds. Let me know what you think!


Alicia said...

I wish Ikea was closer than 3 hrs from me! :) LOVE it! I am gonna "steal" some of your wall storgae! :)

Kim's Life said...

Beautiful cards & beautiful room!!!

Anne said...

I LOVE your organization! I've got the space, but not the organization. IKEA, here I come! Wanna help? I'm in Phoenix. ;-)

twoslosmiths said...

Thanks you for sharing your organized studio. I am currently building one 8 X 14 as using our extra bedroom doesn't work anymore.
I loved the stamp pad storage, the black shelving, the tall card rack-do you recall where you found these. I am also wondering which bars you got for storing the punches, and I love the green baskets for pens, marksers, etc. I wondered where you got the heavy duty black storage containers for paper. Also, how wide are your tables and how long are the shelves? How do you store your ribbon?
Many thanks for all your help!!!
Passion4flowers from SCS.

Patti said...

The Black Shelves, book case, Black Magazine(Paper) holders, tables, Rail system all came from Ikea. The Stamp Pad storage came from Dzyntec but they are out of business now. The tables are 30 x 60 the wall Shelves are about 45"
The tall card rack I got off of Craigslist. My ribbon I store on wood clothes pins from the dollar store then in glass candy jars from walmart for $5. Hope this helps!